Meet the band


Amanda Street - Lead Vocals

Amanda was born to be a rock star and  first sang along with MTV in 1981.  Her biggest musical influences (in every particular order) include The Beatles, The Go-Go's, and Joan Jett.

Mark Jorden - Guitar/Vocals

Mark "Jordy" Jorden has been playing guitar since the age of 10.  He will blow you away with his EVH guitar and licks that go to "11"!!

Tim Rixstine - Keyboards

Tim is a Bloomington native who has played piano most of his life.  No one rocks the Keytar (or the checkerboard) like Timmy Keys!

Ed Pierce - Bass

Local celebrity Ed Pierce is kind of a big deal.  As a member of The Something Brothers, Ed played CBGBs in New York City in the 1980s.  Usually a guitar player, Ed funks out with us on four strings for your listening pleasure!

Tim Thomas - Drums

Founding drummer Timmy “Skins” has been playing 80s music since the 80s. His light-up drums will rock your eyes and his steady beat will rock your feet - keeping you on the dance floor all night long!